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Term: Outreach

Definition: In the context of digital marketing, outreach refers to the process of reaching out to individuals or organisations in an effort to promote content, secure backlinks, establish partnerships or garner press coverage.

Alternative Names: Digital PR, Link Building Outreach, Blogger Outreach


Expanded explanation: Outreach is a strategic process that typically involves identifying relevant influencers, bloggers, journalists or businesses in your industry and then crafting personalised messages or pitches to them. The purpose of this could be to promote a piece of content, encourage them to link to your website, ask them to share your content or establish some other form of partnership.

Benefits or importance: Successful outreach can lead to increased exposure for your brand, more backlinks (which can improve SEO) and potentially new partnerships or business opportunities. It’s a crucial part of content marketing and link-building strategies.

Common misconceptions or pitfalls: One common misconception is that outreach is just about sending as many emails as possible. In reality, successful outreach requires research, personalisation and building genuine relationships. A common pitfall is not following up – sometimes, your first message may be overlooked, so it’s important to politely follow up after a certain period.

Use cases: Outreach could be used when launching a new product, for instance, when you’ve published a new piece of high-quality content that you want to promote, or when trying to build backlinks to improve your website’s SEO.

Real-world examples:
An example of outreach could be an email sent to a blogger in the fitness industry, sharing a new, scientifically-backed article about the benefits of a specific workout. The outreach email could praise the blogger’s past work, explain the value of the new article and suggest that the blogger might want to share the article with their audience or link to it from their website.

Another example might be reaching out to a journalist when your company is about to launch a new, innovative product. You could send a press release or a personalised pitch, providing details about the product and why it’s relevant to the journalist’s readers.

Best practices or tips:

  • Always personalise your outreach messages. Generic emails are more likely to be ignored.
  • Do your research and ensure the person or organisation you’re reaching out to is relevant.
  • Always provide value. Whether it’s a great piece of content or a mutually beneficial partnership, make sure there’s a reason for the person to respond positively.
  • Polite follow-ups can be effective, but avoid becoming a nuisance.

Limitations or considerations: Outreach can be time-consuming and there’s no guarantee of a positive response. It’s also important to consider the guidelines of search engines such as Google, which discourage manipulative link-building practices.

Comparisons: Outreach is similar to traditional PR in many ways, but it’s now more specifically tailored to online platforms and digital strategies.

Historical context or development: With the rise of content marketing and the importance of backlinks for SEO, outreach has become a crucial component of digital marketing strategies. It’s evolved from simple link request emails to a more complex process involving building relationships and providing value.

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