Sovereign Play Equipment

Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click Ads.

Project Overview

Sovereign Play Equipment, a firm well-established in the school playground equipment industry, is celebrated for providing quality outdoor play spaces for over two decades. They pride themselves in their ability to handle projects of all scales, demonstrating consistent dedication to crafting captivating, safe, and educational outdoor environments. Their playgrounds are not just arenas of play but also engaging spaces where learning becomes an enticing journey.

The journey with Sovereign Play Equipment began on an antiquated CMS, PrestaShop, which was serving their e-commerce needs. We were entrusted with SEO and PPC strategies for the platform, despite it being riddled with challenges. The old site was a complex labyrinth, proving to be a hurdle for efficient optimisation of SEO and PPC tasks. We knew that to achieve optimal results and to deliver the services that we had committed to, an upgrade was crucial.

Project Highlights

  • Twofold increase in organic traffic
  • Twofold increase in organic keywords
  • Efficient product management system
  • Enhanced tracking and sales attribution
  • Improved user experience and intuitive site navigation


Our journey with Sovereign Play Equipment wasn’t without obstacles:

  • Outdated CMS: The previous PrestaShop CMS was old and challenging to optimise, hindering our SEO and PPC efforts.
  • Website Migration: Transitioning to WordPress and WooCommerce required ensuring a smooth move without data loss or significant downtime.
  • Performance and Security: The old site suffered from performance issues and security vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed in the new CMS.
  • SEO Transition: We needed to maintain existing SEO rankings and organic traffic during the CMS transition.

Despite these challenges, Bird Marketing was able to develop effective strategies that led to a successful project completion.


Our efforts on the old site did yield a fair amount of success in terms of SEO and PPC. However, to take this success to the next level, an update was essential. We took the strategic decision to migrate to WordPress and WooCommerce - a decision born from their modern design, flexibility, and the potential for heightened customisation they offered. The new CMS was more compatible with the client's needs, promising an enriching and user-friendly experience.






The Results

The switch to a more modern CMS and our tailored digital marketing strategies led to impactful outcomes:

  • Increased Leads and Conversions: We saw a significant rise in both leads and conversions, thanks to the enhanced user experience on the updated website.
  • Ease of Management: With the new CMS, managing product and landing pages became much more efficient and straightforward.
  • Improved Security: The migration to a contemporary CMS bolstered the website’s security, protecting the client’s digital assets.
  • Superior User Experience: The new site offered faster, more intuitive navigation, boosting user engagement and site traffic.
  • SEO Success: The updated platform resulted in a twofold increase in organic traffic and keywords, enhancing visibility on search engines.