Digital Strategy for a global telecom company.

Project Overview

Founded in 1987 Huawei is a global brand specialising in telecoms with a great range of products including mobile phones, broadband devices tablets, wearables, and home devices.

  • Marketing Suite
  • Analytics
  • Digital Strategy

Project Highlights

  • Clarity in marketing strategies
  • Deep analysis of the existing market
  • Comprehensive documentation provided
  • An insight into the competition


Huawei came to us for direction on the digital strategies they should be utilising within their marketing campaigns moving forward.


At Bird we thought the best way to portray our ideas and strategies were to provide a comprehensive document and extensive consultation workshops. The purpose of this is to outline opportunities and targets within the market they operate in. We created the documentation and performed the workshops in a clear and concise way to demonstrate our suggested strategies whilst making it personal to the client.






Bird Marketing have been exceptional. The team are professional, insightful and have delivered beyond my expectations.

ChenxiuyingMarketing Manager

The Results

Huawei thought this was a perfect way to display the results of the research and found it incredibly informative. They were able to use the documentation and what they learned internally to demonstrate their ideas and future goals for the company.