GR-7 Professional

Search Engine Optimisation for a Hair Care Specialist.

Project Overview

GR-7 Professional are a leading supplier of grey hair and hair loss treatments. Bird Marketing was tasked with improving organic search in line with their recent launch into the UK market after multiple successes across European markets. We worked to optimise the website and create a solid foundation of landing pages enhancing their search rankings and bringing UK traffic to the site.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Article Creation and Placement

Project Highlights

  • Successfully increased search¬† rankings for key terms in Grey Hair And Hair Loss Treatments.
  • Achieved a significant increase in organic traffic within six months.
  • Enhanced UI/UX improving bounce rate
  • Restructure of website navigation


The project faced several challenges:

  • Implementing SEO strategies in a highly technical and specialised industry.
  • Navigating the shift in market focus towards more digital and online presence.
  • Ensuring the website accurately represented Supermicro’s cutting-edge technology and expertise.


Bird Marketing developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, including:

  • On-page content enhancement and technical SEO improvements.
  • In-depth keyword research and optimisation for industry-specific terms.
  • Continuous analysis and adaptation of the strategy to align with evolving market trends.

GR-7 Professional 

GR-7 Professional 

GR-7 Professional 

GR-7 Professional 

GR-7 Professional 

The Results

  • Elevated search engine rankings for targeted keywords, reinforcing GR-7’s market position.
  • Enhanced brand recognition within the hair care industry.
  • A substantial rise in high-quality website traffic, enhancing online visibility.