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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a process in which a website is analysed and fixed from a technical perspective to enhance search rankings. Technical SEO is important as it helps prevent a website from performing badly, by fixing technical issues that search engines frown upon.
In some cases, poor website coding will be preventing a website from ranking well. At Bird Digital, we are able to identify and fix any technical problems that could be stopping your website from ranking. We also tidy up code and increase your websites speed, whilst structuring web pages in a way that is easier for search engines to read.

When does a website need technical SEO?

Technical SEO is often conducted to fix errors on an existing website, however it should also be used during website migrations and redesigns. Technical SEO covers a broad spectrum of fixes, such as page speed boosts, site map submission, server error fixes, URL 301 redirection or coding issues. A website would always require technical SEO whenever it is being migrated or even redesigned. This is because there may be a chance that the new website URL structure may be different in the migration or redesign. The previous website URLs may have been indexed by search engines, which means they will need to be redirected to relevant content on the new URL. If this process is neglected, it could result in a website being deindexed.
If a large amount of content no longer exists at an indexed URL, it would mean that the search engine user would not be able to find the information they were looking for. When Google identify this, they will remove or lower the rank of that page. If the page is not found and returns a 404 error, it would usually lose its power in the search engines. This means that all previous SEO efforts are lost. With mass redirects, it ensures that the user is pointed to the right direction and also gives the search engines an indication that the content has been moved to a different location.

Bird Digital can help

At Bird Digital, we have a vast experience in search engine optimisation. We conduct technical SEO on a daily basis and have helped many clients.
As well as fix coding or server issues, it is important that a site map is submitted to Google. A site map is file that helps the search engines understand how your website is structured. We also scan websites for duplicate content and let Google know where the content originates using canonical tags. This is important as internal duplicate content can hold a penalty with the search engines. Sometimes, especially in E-Commerce websites, internal duplicate content is hard to avoid. By referencing internal duplicate content, we are telling Google that we are aware that this content already exists on the website. Google will then focus its attention on ranking the original content.
If you require our technical SEO services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are happy to discuss your requirements and help your website increase it’s online presence.