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Retargeting is a form of technical advertising that uses browser cookie data to reengage with website visitors. Retargeting is powerful as it can be used to serve adverts to people who previously showed an interest and visited your website. Retargeting is used to recapture interest and therefore yields a higher conversion rate in comparison to first time visits.
Have you ever found a cool website whilst browsing the internet, only to come away from the computer and forget about it?
Retargeting would be ideal in this scenario, as it would have given you the opportunity to reengage through carefully placed advertisements.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting works by utilizing unobtrusive cookie-based technology to follow your visitors. This cookie is stored on devices of the users who have visited your page. The cookie is stored via a web browser and does not affect website performance. This cookie data can then be fed back to advertising platforms such as Google or Facebook to create a bespoke audience for remarketing. This bespoke audience, filled with first time visitors, can then be used to serve adverts. The people who populate the audience will then see adverts on various web platforms such as websites, search engines, apps or social media pages.

Why use retargeting?

Did you know that, on average, conversion rates for first time visiting users sits at around 2%?
This means 98% of first time traffic does not lead to a conversion. Remarketing takes steps towards a solution for lost conversions. It targets the 98% that did not convert on their first time and ensures that your business is in the forefront of their mind by serving them digital advertisements.
There are many reasons for users not converting on their first time visit. Maybe they were browsing and were not quite ready to convert. Maybe they found your website whilst browsing the Internet on their smartphone and got distracted. Whatever the reason, retarget remarketing helps with that reconnection.
The likelihood of a user converting after being filtered through retargeting campaigns is dramatically increased. This is why retargeting and remarketing can be a solid marketing strategy for a wide range of businesses. Retargeting also serves as a powerful tool for brand awareness campaigns.

Where can you find retargeted adverts?

You can find them just about anywhere. Remarketing campaigns can be setup with Bing Ads, Google or social media websites such as Facebook. The Facebook pixel is used to collect analytical data for Facebook, who then allow you to use that data to build an audience. Google Display network serves adverts just about anywhere you look online. You can find them on many websites and apps that run adverts. The adverts displayed on each website depends on the person viewing them.

Bird Digital can help with retargeting

At Bird Digital, we have setup many remarketing campaigns for our clients. We love helping people succeed online. If you want your business to grow online, get in contact with us. We cannot wait to hear from you.