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Custom PPC landing pages are effective when used correctly. This informative piece of content will explain what a custom landing page is, and why you should be using them.

What is a PPC landing page?

A PPC landing page is quite simply a page that a Pay Per Click campaign is directed towards. The objective of a landing page is to create a conversion. A conversion can take form in many ways, whether it is via a purchase or form submission. It is the mission of the landing page to entice visitor engagement.

Why is a PPC landing page important?

There have been many instances where PPC campaigns have driven high click through rates and traffic, only to end up failing converting at the landing page. A lot of these failures can be blamed on a poor or irrelevant landing page.
Many marketers drive various keywords to the same landing page, in hopes for a conversion. This can often be misleading for a visitor, who will not have patience to search for the information they seek. It is for this reason that custom landing pages should be set up.
For example, if a visitor searches the keyword “whisky glasses” and is then presented with a page full of various types of glasses, such as wine glasses. The visitor will become frustrated that the information is not apparent on first glance and then lose interest in the page. Although whisky glasses could be found on the page, they were not made the focus. The more work a visitor has conduct, the lower the conversion rate will be.
There are many documented examples of custom landing pages dramatically improving conversion rates, just like this scenario with MarketingSherpa, who claimed custom PPC pages increased conversion rates by 88.4%

How to tailor PPC landing pages

A landing page should be made custom to the PPC keyword targeted. If we take our whisky glass example, the landing page should be presented to show various styles of whisky glasses, as well as presenting the visitor with call to action opportunities.
The more relevant a page, the higher it will convert. For an E-commerce website, the URL could use filters to display products that match the keywords description.
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