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Why use Pay Per Click marketing?

PPC, otherwise known as Pay Per Click is a form of advertising in which a marketer pays when their adverts are clicked on. There are other forms of PPC marketing, such as pay per impression, which focuses on advert views, rather than engagement. PPC campaigns can be setup with various search engines or social media platforms such as Facebook, Google or Bing Ads.
PPC is a highly effective form of marketing, which can cumulate a positive return on investment. There are many advantages of PPC. In this short article, we will cover the biggest advantages of using PPC as a marketing tactic.

1) PPC results are instant

This is an obvious advantage of using PPC marketing. Unlike organic SEO, PPC does not take a long time to achieve page one, position one results. PPC allows you to bid on certain keywords to appear on the top of the search engines results page.
This means you do not need to spend valuable time to focus on SEO efforts, as you can pay to instantly take the search engines by storm.

2) PPC allows you to target an audience

Pay Per Click marketing allows you to put yourself in front of your targeted audiences. Marketers can target keywords and even demographics and interests. Social media paid ads on platforms such as Facebook allow you to precisely target an audience, as that data is openly available to marketers. This allows for a more targeted experience, which increases conversion rates when the audience is relevant.

3) PPC is highly measurable and trackable

This clear advantage is a marketers dream. PPC is extremely measurable, which means marketers can track the result of a PPC campaign to discover what is working and what is not. This allows marketers to tailor campaigns so that they achieve the highest rates of return on investment.
Goals can be easily setup in Google Analytics to determine the step by step process taken by visitors of the given landing page. This is something you could not be able to do with a billboard of print media.
Trackable data is great as it gives you a deep understanding of how successful various forms of marketing are. These results can be compared to determine the most effective form of marketing for that particular business.

4) You are fully in control of PPC

This is another reason people love PPC. With Pay Per Click, you are fully in control. You are able to set your own budgets per day to ensure you only spend what you wish to allocate. This means you can test the waters with a smaller budget before you decide to make a full commitment.
Many people decide to stick to smaller budgets until the campaign is proving to be profitable. At this point, it is wise to up the budget and reap the rewards.

PPC is still a solid marketing tactic

Pay Per Click has evolved and is now smarter than ever. If you are considering starting your own PPC campaign, we suggest that you read our article on why you should use an agency to manage your PPC campaigns
If you would like us to manage your PPC campaigns, feel free to get in touch. We love helping businesses grow online.